Hamburg is one of Germany’s fashion capitals aside from Berlin. In the Hanseatic city, not only fashion is created, but also fashion history. For this, the fur studio Stefan Buchmann does its part by making exclusive furs with unique quality. Since 2002 Stefan Buchmann has been designing unique fur fashion under the brand name Pelzwerk Hamburg

The trained master furrier demonstrates his know-how and sense of trends with his furs. Pelzwerk Hamburg is an urban brand that doesn’t shrink from uniqueness, which is why experimental combinations of materials and intricate details are an integral part of the brand identity.

However, Pelzwerk Hamburg doesn’t only offer single fur jackets and coats, but rather haute couture collections with a focus on fur. In addition, various components are added such that the overall result is equivalent to an urban trendsetter. Stefan Buchmann rounds off an urban fur look.

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