Furnishing and decorating a flat can be a real challenge particularly if you only have a limited budget at your disposal. Don’t worry. Furniture made of europallets is super trendy and easy to make. With europallets you can build unique furnishings that are cool and extremely cheap because you can literally find pallets on the street around every corner.

They are usually needed for transportation or storage and are often disposed of after usage. On building sites, you can certainly ask for a couple of europallets that are sometimes handed out for free. Most of the time, simply piling them and tacking them together is enough to create amazing pieces of decoration and furniture. Of course, you should be a bit creative as well because pallets are extremely versatile and have a lot of potential as many bloggers and passionate interior designers have already proven on social media sites. However, make sure to cut the wood smooth to prevent splinters.

Image: ©  www.thisisjanewayne.com