Wall Street brokers never sleep, never…  because they are obliged to make money, lots of money. They have to make and play with sums that us mortals can’t even imagine ever owning. You have to be the best. You’d rather be dead than be second. This is the motto they live by.

This is what the lives of many young brokers look like. After studying at one of the top universities, they are challenging Lady Fortune in one of the hardest branches ever where those with weak nerves will certainly lose more than just money. This is the reason why there are special psychologists exclusively hired for Wall Street brokers because losing huge sums of money can lead to mental breakdowns. Money – this is what brokers care about. This is why friends and family come second. After work, cocaine, alcohol and escort ladies are the only and true consolation with which they treat themselves. There is a saying that goes: The high-class call girls are the first ones that know what is going on at the Wall Street.

Mistakes are fatal if you are a young rising broker because if you made a mistake that often means that you just lost someone’s financial existence. Only the best truly make it, reaching the top and making a fortune themselves. If you have no conscience, you certainly are qualified to do this job. After reaching the top, there is no way you can take a break because the next young lads have arrived at the Wall Street ready to catch you up.

This is what the lives of many brokers look like. It’s a life defined by stress, drugs and isolation. The movie Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio therefore is in no way an exemplary depiction of a typical Wall Street career. Those that don’t get a stomach ulcer at 40 maybe are the true winners in this game.