Behind the fashion label A LA RUSSE stands the inspiring designer Anastasia Romantsova. In her fall collection 2015, she discovers undiscovered realms and was inspired by a nameless star. Romantsova’s fashion is made for women who love to experiment and enjoy life to the fullest.

The collection plays with contrasts and a sensual touch which no man can resist so easily. She creates pieces for the chilly days and warm nights, keeping them in cold and attractive shades. Aside from cozy basics, we can also find outstanding cocktail dresses. It’s all about a woman’s personality and her well-being and sensuality.

That’s why the line touches different genres such as knitwear, including scarves, cardigans and tops, which do not only look amazing, but simply have to be in everyone’s winter wardrobe. Sequined tops, heaps of creations with star prints or metallic, shiny pieces have been created for the joyful, self-confident woman.

Different means are used to depict the stars, such as glittery colors or prints. This collection can transform any plain Jane into a shining star!

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