Sick of always having to wear a dirndl for Oktoberfest, and seeking a thrilling alternative? If so, you should definitely give lederhosen a shot! Even though it’s technically a part of menswear, it’s currently taking the women’s world by storm. Leather is high in quality and very traditional, and so the ladies are taking advantage of the advantages of lederhosen.

Sensual, seductive and wild – these words define the 2015 lederhosen style. is Although traditional characteristics are usually retained for ladies’ lederhosen, they still have a modern and innovative look. Unlike the men’s options, the female lederhosen must be short and sexy. Different looks abound when you play around with different leather structures.

With just a few pieces, you can create an exciting and seductive Oktoberfest outfit that’s all about the lederhosen. It’s uncomplicated, exceptional and unique. My tip is to combine lederhosen with a simple blouse – keep it either white or colourful, depending on your mood. Dark leather pants go especially well with a white blouse, while light brown leather pants fit great with a checkered blouse.

You can create a thrilling and seductive outfit with nothing but these two statement pieces! Add some matching accessories, and it gets even better. Tease the crowd with boots and leather accessories, get romantic with high heels and flower arrangements, or stay cool with sunglasses and sneakers. Invent your own personal lederhosen look!

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