Sadak  is another brand at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, presenting young street wear which sometimes is marked by extravagant features. Sadak is above all known for the incorporation of sporty looks into everyday wear. Sasa Kovacevic, the designer behind this label, was born in Serbia and studied in Berlin as well as in Serbia’s capital Belgrad. Incredibly, he studied both fashion design and costume design, succeeding in graduating with top grades in both fields. Apart from the designs for his label, Sasa also designs costumes, including outfits for the movie The Hunger Games – Mockingjay starring the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence.

The origin of the designer is absolutely visible and tangible in his collections. Again and again, he virtuously connects western fashion with the special attributes of eastern clothing. He unifies tradition with hip hop and lets sportiness and extravagance become one. The coming summer collection is therefore marked by special cuts and cheerful colors. Rose, yellow and blue are paired with white and black without appearing too loud and shrill.

In geometrical patterns, the colors clash with each other. In this collection, you can find countless looks for men and a few outfits for women. However, the borders between the two sexes are blurred, the fashion appears androgynous. Sadak’s collection for 2015 stands for casual, urban fashion in form of gowns which are characterized by sophisticated layer designs.

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