Like fashion, nail trends have been evolving throughout our time and it seems that nail shapes, lengths as well as color all say something about the specific era they came into being in the first place.

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The 1980s mark the birth of square acrylics. Before that, color as well as length and shape were quite subtle. But as you know, the 80s were everything but subtle. The world seemed to finally have reached that stage in which bold colors were sufficiently appreciated.

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In response to the crazy era before, nails became much more “mature” in terms of length and color. People seemed to prefer rounder, shorter and darker nails roughly 10 years after the color explosion of the 80s.

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We are living in the era of diversity and pure experimentalism. Never have we ever seen so many tools and mediums to style our nails. One distinct and representative look is definitely the so-called “Stiletto” Nails look. Highly impractical but practically impossible not to notice. Stilleto nails look too dangerous for you? Try flowers, glitter, neon colors and nail jewelry!
Whatever look you prefer, Retro is en vogue, so you have the option to bring back the 80s today and the 90s tomorrow. Tough decision! Good luck!