What you’ll need:


1x black polish
1x white polish
1x dotting tool or the end of a brush or a toothpick

 ghost 2

Step 1
Start off with a jetblack polish. Mine is from Maybelline.

Step 2
To achieve the matte effect you’re going to need a mattifying topcoat. I use one by Essie and couldn’t be happier with the results. However, you can get cheaper alternatives at the drugstore like  dm and Rossmann.

Step 3
Once your nails have dried down we’ll get to the truly exciting part. Let’s get those ghosts out to play. You’re going to need your dotting tool and a white polish. Let’s start by creating the outlines of your ghosts. You can look at pictures online to get inspired, that’s what I did, anyway.

Step 4

Now, don’t forget that ghosts do have equivalents of eyes and a mouth. So take the smaller end of your dotting tool, shape eyes and mouth inside of the ghosts and leave them to dry.

Step 5
Then just fill in the rest of the body. Feel free to improvise and you get a cute, yet festive design for the coming Friday.

 ghost 33

I wish you a happy and spooky Halloween!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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