With only 7 years, Models Own sure seems like a baby in the big wide world of cosmetics. However, do not let the age fool you, the brand is regarded as one of the most popular brands selling affordable nail and face products.

Returning customers do not need to worry about breaking the bank every time they splurge on Models Own. There is however one exception to the rule and that’s the Gold Rush Nail Polish.

It was launched back in 2011 and it is still hugely popular amongst celebrities and the few people that actually can afford a polish that retails for $130,000. The lid is an artwork itself: It has been carefully handcrafted from gold and is encrusted with over 1000 diamonds. Painted on, it looks like pure liquid gold that sparkles like tiny diamonds, although the surface is completely smooth.

This nail polish was long regarded as the most expensive nail polish until Azature came along and introduced its Black Diamond  Nail Polish.

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