With a quarter of a million dollars you can buy many things like a house, a luxurious car, a private boat or how about a pile of designer clothes or makeup? However, if you already own all these things and no longer know where to put your money, you can still buy the  most expensive nail polish in the world – for $ 250,000.

The jeweler Azature, who describes himself as the ‘king of black diamonds’, manufactured a nail polish that is made out of 267 carats of the finest black diamond. This nail polish is surely the epitome of luxury . Azature describes his work as “the ultimate jewel”, its combination of beauty, mystery and elegance makes it a timeless luxury piece.

But who thinks that this bottle of nail polish is a little expensive can always buy the cheap version for 20 €, which is supposed to contain one black diamond in each bottle. Just like the original, the bottle is shaped like a diamond, emphasizing the luxurious character of the brand Azature.

More Information: azature.com