Lingerie can be a difficult issue for many women. It’s either too uncomfortable or too scratchy, the bra is either too tight or too loose, the design is either too cheap or too old-fashioned…the struggle goes on!

Sometimes, it can be a real headache to find a pair of bra and panties in the right size. Different panties flatter different body shapes, and even bras can look distinctly dissimilar when worn by different women. However, fret not – Hunkemöller is here, and they’ve combined trendy and erotic designs with high quality fit.

Their aim is to make any wearer happy for a small price. Hunkemöller doesn’t force you to make a decision between comfort and visual appeal, but rather aims to give them parallel importance. Designs are oriented to the wishes and needs of the modern confident woman, which results in innovative and cosmopolitan lingerie lines. Their underwear accompanies you safely and sensually through the day and night!

There’s always a surprising element or two to be discovered – refined belt holders on the bra with a criss-cross design, slim straps on the side of the slip, animal print, transparent details and so on.

Their new collections are living proof that lingerie for leisure and evening wear mesh together very well indeed. Aside from erotic pieces, they also offer athletic underwear and tops that will support you during your workout.

We’re super impressed by Hunkemöller’s designs, and you can also check them out by going to our online shop!

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