LaRoeck is a brand that offers beautifully extravagant accessories embellished with enchanting flower patterns. Designed by Andjella Harlamova, the playful medallions are the eye catchers of every season. Those looking forward to the upcoming Oktoberfest will definitely fall in love with Harlamova’s creations. LaRoeck is known for their wide range of designs, and you’ll surely be able find a matching piece for your dirndl.

The jewellery brand has launched a colorful collection for 2015. The individual’s wish is highly valued by LaRoeck – the label will happily customise your designs on demand. Harlamova is known for collaborating with her customers to create new and absolutely unique pieces.

Nevertheless, the standard product range is also absolutely breathtaking. The designs are characterized by an exciting colour and material choice, one that results in a very feminine look.

The medallions are the result of old elements clashing with modern influences. Vintage designs function as a base, and are further developed with the addition of tiny creative twists. Often, the center of the medallion is embellished with the image of a flower. The graceful colours of the flower can then be seen in the remainder of the medallion. Fabrics, sequins, bast, tulle, threads, pearls and metal chains complete the design.

Each medallion has been given a name that perfectly describes their individual characters. The model “Bavarian Blue” is perfect for the Oktoberfest! But I’ve also got a soft spot for “Olive Dreams” and “Turkise Bouquet”, as they’ve got a beautifully seductive air about them!

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