Behind the label Dimitri , the Greek fashion creator Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos is pulling the strings. Having studied at the renowned ESMOD, his path took him to famous, great and sophisticated designers over the course of his career. Vivienne Westwood and Jil Sander just represent two crucial stations of his life. The brand Dimitri itself however was founded in the year 2007 and has been impressing the fashion market with its enchanting spell since then.

Since 2010, Dimitri has been an almost obligatory part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, presenting new creative designs within the frameworks of this fashion spectacle on a regular base. With the time, his shows became must-sees in the fashion scene, which is no wonder, considering the beautiful looks presented by him. Fashionable new trends are paired with classics, both pointing to the creativity and passion which fuels this designer’s heart.

In January, the catwalk show for the next fall and winter season 2015/2016 is on the agenda of each fashion lover. However, right now, all eyes are still locked on the summer collection 2015, which impresses with cheeky cuts and preppy patterns, breathing new life into each wardrobe. The colors will turn the wearer into a feast for the eye with luscious colors and a joyful attitude. Animalist prints like leopard patterns will achieve the same effect.

With royal blue, sunny yellow and the typical leo colors, the summer will be transformed into a real adventure. In addition, refreshingly feminine cuts with juvenile appearance are added and bestow a certain urbanity upon the collection. The 7/8-pants or the fringy jacket in the western style look unique as well. It’s the combination of hippie chic and elegance which provides the wow factor.


Dimitri, für Sie – FW14

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