At Gaudiherz, you’ll be able to find the perfect shirts to complete your traditional costumes. This label regards the shirt as being the center of every tracht outfit, and as such, Gaudiherz shirts are designed to have a very exciting look, which includes the heart logo on their chests. High-quality materials, the perfect fit and numerous elegant details are the trademarks of Gaudiherz shirts.

Thanks to its modern design, the shirt is suitable both for everyday use as well as in tracht outfits. There are numerous possibilities, and the shirt goes perfectly with lederhosen as well as jeans.

The narrow cut of this shirt makes it especially suitable for the modern young man. One special design feature includes a heart-shaped application on the left side of the chest, symbolizing the label’s love for trachts.

Choose between many different colours and patterns. While the white classic shirt is sure to go down well in a work environment, the plaid blue or red shirt also looks great when paired with distressed jeans. The most important highlight of all, however, is the colored heart on the shirt’s left chest pocket.

The tracht vests round off their product range nicely. These are currently available in three colors – black, gray and petrol blue. The heart logo comes in a more subtle look on both vests. Shirts and vests can be combined easily, and they complement each other well. Play around with colours and patterns, and discover your individual ensemble!

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