In flowery anticipation of the 2016 Olympic Games, which will take place in Brazil, we take a look at the Brazilian fashion scene the country of the future and of soccer has to offer. Patricia Bonaldi creates uncompromisingly feminine couture for the elegant woman who wants to draw everyone’s attention.

Her mercilessly refined gowns are characterized by luxury, extravagance and pure beauty. They are created for special occasions and events in the wearer’s life to make these moments unforgettable. For this reason, Patricia Bonaldi is also regarded as one of the top bridal couture designers in Brazil and proves this year after year.

Her Ready-To-Wear collection for spring and summer 2016 is an ode to femininity. It is full of grace and elegance and draws its fully feminine strength from the beauty of flowers. Three-dimensional floral installations made from pearls, attached using filigree embroidery, wrap the feminine silhouette and transform Bonaldi’s dresses into true works of art. With picturesque flower prints, she also managed to impart her robes with absolute femininity, which she emphasizes with body-tight and tailored designs.

Patricia Bonaldi is a champion of feminine elegance which, at the same time, is the driving force of all her collections.

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