Oktoberfest time is coming! The fashion world shows its tradition-conscious side as they reach for their trachts and dirndls. The latter particularly emphasizes the wearer’s feminine side, which of course is why it receives nothing but positive feedback from men. At the Oktoberfest, flirting is a given. The boozy atmosphere makes it easy to get to know new people, but take note – the dirndl bow is a way of indicating the availability of a lady.

You, as a woman, should decide what sort of a signal you want to give. The dirndl band usually consists of silk and is the highlight of each garment – it accentuates the waist and also attracts attention with its colors. The exact place where you tie your bow specifies what you want to express.

There are four ways of wearing the bow, three of them on the front. A bow at the center front symbolises the fact that you’re still a virgin. A ribbon is placed on the left side means “I am yet to be had”, and you’d better brace yourself for a lot of compliments and cheeky lingering glances. The ribbon on the right side clearly expresses that you are in a relationship. When tied behind, however, the bow symbolises that the wearer is a widow.

These “bow codes”, having evolved over the years, are by no means official, but many visitors will know exactly what they signify.

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