All the way from Belgium, we’ve got some exciting fashion news for the upcoming fall. Designer Raf Simons is launching a line in which he revives his youth. You can clearly recognize the 70s inspired style – flared pants, long coats and knitted sweaters remind us of all the time we spent at school and at university.

Raf Simons emphasizes this feature creatively, utilising for example scribbles and comic prints that look as if the wearer added them themselves. While all of his former collections have been exclusively dedicated to men, women’s pieces join the fray this year. Nevertheless, the style remains fairly masculine and boyish.

Wide cuts and muted colors define each image. Raf Simons mixes them with black – which of course should never be missing in any collection! – as well as outstanding colous. The Belgian couturier attracts attention with the use of materials such as vinyl and leather.

The fashion line emphasizes the designer’s personal thumbprint, all the while setting the wearer’s individuality in the limelight. Raf Simons fights the tide of mainstream fashion, heeding the call of only one master: creativity.

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