Moschino is the luxury label that’s got a whole generation of young celebrities eagerly hanging onto their every word. No it-girl could resist this label’s trendy designs! Indeed, Moschino is the voice of generation Yolo. They set new trends and skirt the rules of traditional fashion stylishly. Their collections are presented in a young, crazy and naughty manner, often making use of the McDonald’s emblem. Here is where provocative fashion history is written.

Sporty, young cuts meet unusual prints – Moschino stands for the fun in fashion without insisting upon it. Even German celebrities such as Bonnie Strange adore their designer fashion. Nonchalance and playful prints are the brand’s trademarks, and their collections deal with different topics in a tongue-in-cheek manner, fleshing them out down to the smallest detail. Both men and women will discover a slightly different sort of designer fashion, one that places a great deal of emphasis on the joy of the outfit.

Their creations for fall and winter do the brand’s philosophy credit, giving rise to an exciting look. Sporty and urban pieces are covered in a denim patchwork-like print, which adorns both the denim jacket and the t-shirt. The resulting look is extraordinarily loud. Talk about a different side of denim!

On the other hand, their capsule collection comprises of bright colors and comic prints. The line is the brand’s trademark, but it’s produced in strictly limited editions. Now, Moschino presents the capsule collection with a teddy bear motif. The little cuddly companion can be found everywhere: adorning clothes, shirts and even bags. This playful line makes winter oh-so-cozy!

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