The men’s fashion of the label SIKI IM, characterized by oversized elements, wants to be discovered by you. The cuts seem unconventional without falling out of line. It may well happen that a man, dressed with SIKI IM looks like he is walking down the catwalk. All pants are defined by a rather cut – pleated pants as well as trousers which slightly are shaped like flare pants await you here.

Colors such as black and grey determine the collection – you’ll always be suitably dressed for any occasion and they never lose their classic elegance. But let’s get to the top designs which are even more exciting! Knitted sweatshirts or leather jackets, coats or jackets? You’ll find everything! And each and every piece attracts with its own special feature.

Asymmetric, wide and dynamic cuts contrast with traditional designs. The black jacket is very classic – but combined with leather elements, it gets a rocking touch. A leather jacket and leather coat turns your outfit into something wild! I especially like those pieces where different pictures are drawn onto, for example the bomber jacket – just a real piece of art!

You’ll not only attract people’s attention with the exciting look of this collection. Those who see you will probably never forget your face. Elegance has never been that cool!


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