All around the world, shopping malls invite us to experience luxury. However, we can pursue our desire for luxury shopping right here, in the fashion capital of German. Berlin is home to an extraordinary luxury department store, the KaDeWe. Citizens of Berlin, as well as tourists hailing from the furthest corners of Earth roam the grounds of the KaDeWe department store. Its immense popularity can be chalked down to its unique assortment of fashion, accessories, lifestyle items, home items & food.

The KaDeWe, which is located near Germany’s most sought-after shopping districts at the Kurfürstendamm, looks supremely impressive even from the outside. Commissioned in 1905, the ornate building opened its doors for the first time in 1907, astonishing visitors with a product range that seemed second to no other in Berlin. Be it up-to-date catwalk fashion or the latest beverage, there was almost nothing that you couldn’t find in the KaDeWe, and this statement remains true today!

Spread out over 60,000 square meters, luxury greets 180,000 visitors each day. The staff members of KaDeWe have but one goal – to make each visit an unforgettable one. Apart from their bombastic product range, the KaDeWe is also known for being very service-oriented! They are happy to go the extra mile to ensure that your shopping trip, and even your wedding, will be filled to the brim with luxury.

Visitors to the KaDeWe are first greeted by a luxury boulevard on the ground floor, which is home to big brands such as Chanel, Versace and Hermes. Each level is chock-full of surprises, and everybody is welcome to visit. Little wonder that it’s become a Mecca for many tourists!

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