The sailors’ look has largely been dominated by maritime motifs. Aside from the usual colours, other elements include the ship’s wheel, the ship’s anchor or the vessel itself. Nowadays, the actual uniform in its entirety is left aside, while its individual pieces are what play an important role in men’s and women’s fashion. Prints on the front, as well as all-over prints, are both often used to denote a modern sailor style.

The result is an outfit that is less dominant looking, while nonetheless still reminding us of the fresh sea breeze. If stripes aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of other options!

The modern sailor style is more easy-going than anything. The casual shirt, the hoodie and the sweater all form great canvases for decorative nautical motifs. Sporty is the new cool, and that being said, the maritime look is perfect for the streets. Think colourful!

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