Maxi-dresses are the go-to trend of the summer. Since the return of hippie style on catwalks, these enchanting dresses have become ubiquitous everywhere. They’ve quickly become a staple in everyday fashion, delighting fashionistas around the world. With its extravagant cuts, the maxi dress is an ode to femininity, and can turn any plain Jane into a styling queen. Their unique look and the numerous styling options make the maxi dress one of the most important pieces of clothing of the year.

The trend goes on – even in autumn, there seems to be no end in sight to the popularity of the maxi dress. However, we do seem to be moving towards even more exciting and more extraordinary models. In the beginning, single-colored maxi dresses were making a splash, but now it is the wildly patterned, playful creations à la flower power that have captured hearts everywhere.

The cuts alone have many advantages. Usually gathered at the waist or otherwise accentuated, legs are skillfully shown-off and the feminine silhouette perfected. Shoulders, cleavage options and straps vary from model to model. The same applies to the patterns, which can be loud, wild and playful! Transmit the summer’s energy into fall and winter with the help of flower vines. On the other hand, Aztec patterns will emphasise the beautiful coolness of cold days.

To be honest, there are barely any disadvantages to the maxi dress. The extravagant look makes boho accessories superfluous, as the allover pattern is enough. All you need is a braided leather belt or one of those trendy feathered necklaces to emphasise the cheerful hippie look!

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