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Nick Von Klarwill l gets his inspiration from a legend of his grandfather, which is partly based on memories and partly based on fantasy. A lot revolves around old Europe, around castles, museums, architecture and art. In his jewelry lines, he doesn’t follow only one design concept. He rather enjoys the freedom of versatility and has already presented three collections at the beginning of his career.

The jewelry deals with many elements, for example death and nature. Nick’s style is defined by fantastic, surreal and extraordinary motifs: skulls, dragons, wolves and crosses. These treasures show up impressively, detailed and partly massive while having been cast in metal. Other materials that are often used are stones, which reveil many different facets. Hence, a colorfulness and a new, fresh flair is created in the lines. Each collection also covers another topic, which is then implemented.

Nick von K’s label, which was founded in 2010, still keeps its gloomy undertone. A richness of ideas, innovation and creativity are important aspects of the design philosophy. The first watch collection was presented in a flashmob at an exclusive K Party. This collection namely shines completely in black and with fiery motifs on the dial. Nick von K is also part of the New Zealand Fashion Week  and presents his jewelry on August 31 at 4.30 pm.


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