Bored, I roam the city because I’m once again over-punctual. I was supposed to meet a friend on the Leicester Square because, there, you could supposedly discover many curiosities. Furthermore, from the Leicester Square you could reach many other London hotspots very quickly. Well, I decided to just take a walk through the streets and alleys and do some window shopping. But then, I found a shop whose posters and figures caught my attention.

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Isn’t that Batman and Superman? Wooow. And look at this awesome poster! The Marvel Avengers! I’m going crazy! I’m fucking storming this shop! “Forbidden Planet” was an exciting name and the red carpet which led me into the shop really made me feel special. On the right, you could see the checkout, on the left the wall was covered by a glass cabinet full of action figures which came in big and small sizes. I spot Lord of the Rings figures and many more characters from other famous comics, books, movies etc. Oh god, I could barely breathe. I had to tell my friend that I’m going to be late. Fucking awesome, I loved this shop.


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Well, maybe I should have told you beforehand that I grew up in a family with many brothers, which caused my heart to beat for cars, consoles, games and comics. Unicorns, Barbies, glitter and pink stuff were things which didn’t impress me, although unicorns can be pretty badass, I guess. Well, let’s get back to this awesome shop. The room is huge and filled with more awesome objects than just action figures. I didn’t fail to notice the soft toys well as decorative objects like swords, axes and shovels from the popular game Minecraft as. You have to pay 25£ for a sword. But I think it is worth it if you are a real fan. Right next to the Minecraft section, the Star Wars universe is smiling at me. Wow, it seems there is nothing which doesn’t exist in terms of merchandise. Figures, Lego sets, even belts with Star Wars buckles are available. Crazy, in another corner of the room you could see T-shirts from a multitude of TV series. I really loved the one featuring a caption reading “Bazinga!”. When I turned around, I discovered Harry Potter wands which reminded me of the sad fact that I still haven’t received a ticket to Hogwarts yet… Why? Why do you do this to me? Well, at least the sight of rings, chains, and equipment from the Lord of the Rings is capable of comforting me.


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Now, I’m going down the stairs leading to the comic catacombs. Amazing! I’m now standing in a contorted room which is even bigger than the room upstairs. Here, you could find everything. Books, games, comics, mangas, animes, board games and computer games, new comics, old comics, EVERYTHING! I browsed the collection and barely noticed that an entire hour has passed since I entered the shop.

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The message from my friend reads: “Take your time, I’m going to get a snack before I hit the trail.” Yes, awesome! All these comics and games really drive me crazy. I really want to buy something, but I can’t fucking decide what, particularly because everything is in English. Well, this is another thing I had to get used to. Everything is in English to remind me where I’m living right now. But yeah, let’s get back to the comics.

I go upstairs again and meet my friend who excitingly followed me. Well, I haven’t seen any merchandise from my favorite game League of Legends yet and decided to buy nothing. I really needed more time to think. Buying something, when you are still in a kind of frenzy, is a bad idea. This is exactly like going shoe shopping. The object I’m buying simply has to fit. Yeah, at least I can look forward to going to this shop more often. If you are interested in whether I was able to decide on what to buy, you should follow readthetrieb_uk on Instagram.

Image Source: Readthetrieb