Tommy Hilfiger has gone and done it. He’s turned a simple summer shoe into a true masterpiece with an artful combination of elements. Inspired by simple wedges, Hilfiger has launched an alternative with a little experimental twist. The goal of his summer collection: to provide women with feminine, original and – above all – comfortable shoes.

Various hues of blue are predominantly used, with the occasional red sneaking in to create great contrasts. As a result, the collection has a certain maritime flair to it.

Tommy Hilfiger sandals can be rather plain without any added decorations, yet they are never close to being boring. Shoes and heels are almost always kept in the same colour, create a uniform appearance and giving off an edgier impression.

There is also a cork-heeled variation: in this case, the heel is clearly distinguished from the shoe, and exudes a strong connection with nature. The straps on the shoes are innovative yet subtly restrain; they’re either parallel with or intersect each other. We can say with confidence that each shoe is going to be a trendy and (more importantly) comfortable highlight of the upcoming summer.

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