Kaseee turns ready-to-wear fashion into a particularly thrilling prospect with its F/W 15/16 collection, newly launched during this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Designer Katrin Sergejew lives up to her reputation for uniqueness with fancy combinations of fabrics and forms, sophisticated cuts, layering, shifts and flexibility. Asymmetric designs and diagonal lines run over bodily contours in dynamic directions, creating an thrilling yet harmonious look.

Each piece unfolds itself in different materials such as silk, cotton, functional fabrics and leather. Silk falls precisely, pleat-by-pleat, in finely draped cuts, swirling around the body with light moves. Cotton keeps us warm during particularly cold days and leather sets every piece in the spotlight.

Katrin Sergejew seems to have a liking for placing motifs on the breast area of a cotton sheath dress or on the right part of an elegant sweater jacket. Kaseee knows how to create extraordinary collars, a noteworthy addition to the collection being an integrated wide hood that frames the face in a nonchalant way while protecting it against inclement weather. With the help of its signature features, Kaseee creates a versatile selection of pieces for fall and winter: the reversible leather jackets, two-piece combinations of shirts and skirts or pants, sheath dresses and coats.

Deep black tones, timeless grey shades and a sheer white give ample scope to cuts and shapes as well as layers and creativity. This way, Kaseee’s collection is one for every day and for any occasion.

Weitere Info: www.kaseee.com