This year, Whyred celebrated its 15th anniversary which is the reason why you can indeed be excited about the coming collection for the summer 2015. This collection is presented at the Fashion Week Stockholm which will host the runway show at 19:00 on August 27th. Inspired by classical pieces of clothing, the Whyred style is all about strong contrasts. Roland Hjort founded the Swedish label which brings art, music and art together.

Exciting contrasts can be found in the fall and winter collection 2014/2015 as well. Here, casual meets business, leather clashes with knitwear and wild patterns are paired with devouring black. Women as well as the men can enjoy designs in dark colors whose gloomy effect is weakened by stormy details. The elegant jacket for instance is worn with a hoodie embellished with cheeky leathery elements. A blotchy, painted print really adds a cool touch to the entire clothing line in addition. The women’s wear selection is filled with innovative highlights like the pant suits provided with a boyish cummerbund resembling a corsage. Magnificent!

If you take a look at the summer line 2014, the color contrasts between black, white and salmon particularly struck your eyes. The base once again is determined by classical, elegant fashion embodied by the sports coat for instance, the blouse or the pleated pants. Modernly interpreted, combined with leather or accentuated with small sophisticated elements, the hallmarks of Whyred truly stand out. Crowned by thrilling patterns, the designs drip with a juvenile and cool charm.

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Copyright and Source: and, Photos by Kristian Löveborg