21 June was the day summer began – in Berlin, it was also the day the outdoor parties began! As one of the greenest metropoles in the world, the numerous parks and green areas of Berlin offer numerous opportunities for music and dance. These parties run the gamut from small events with a tiny DJ desk and people bringing their own drinks, to huge open-air events featuring well-known DJs and fantastic decorations. Berlin, a city of yesteryear? No way!

Many clubs host outdoor parties in their gardens on a regular basis. Recently reopened Magdalena is one of these, and their popularity has been growing week after week. Kosmonaut also hosts garden parties where fans can enjoy the self-constructed setting.

Open-air locations are a crucial part of Berlin’s club and electro scene. Many of them begin business for the first time this year, and it’s worth giving these creative oases a visit or two. The Rampe has finally replaced the Lichtpark, becoming the place-to-be at the Spree! The Haubentaucher in the RAW area has its own pool and hosts electro and hip hop parties.

As you can see, partying and enjoying summer are pretty compatible activities in Berlin. I still like the small, last-minute, secret open-air parties the most!

More Info: www.facebook.com/haubentaucher.berlin