The first days of summer are always full of magic, it seems that every morning speaks promises about showing life in its most beautiful colors once again. By enjoying the warmth of the endless sunshine we suddenly feel lighter and break through the cage that our mind has become over the colder seasons. Finally we mange to let our thoughts run free again. Who’s got some time on his hands should dream away on a sunny day from time to time. Leave the busy world behind and take a break from your daily life and all the stress that comes with it.

Slip into your favorite summer dress, pack yourself a nice picnic basket, hop onto your bike and head to the next flower meadow. If you live in a crowed capital you might not find a pure and untouched place of nature but don’t worry, you can still find ways to enjoy this summer. It’s up to you to spread some good vibes for this season, so let’s start making this summer as lovely and bright as we can.

Of course, ASOS will help us with that mission by bringing us pretty little accessories and beautiful pieces covered in flowers und blossoms to recreate floral styles that we all love.

But let’s start with the small things that make life more special, shall we?
Take this small flower barrette by ASOS for example. It comes in lovely and delicate pink color, contributing to a wonderful dreamy look.

Same goes for this top by Honey Punch with its outstanding kimono look. The light fabric is made for hot days.

Last but not least we’ve got a very special piece for you, ASOS’ sexy neck holder bikini which comes in a pretty floral print as well.