Spoiled by Berlin’s thriving nightlife, we developed a little bit of arrogance towards the party scene many other city’s have to offer. In comparison to our favorite party metropolis, they seem too small, too prude and too boring. In most cases there seems to be no gain in trying to party in another city, even if it seems to be able to break free from the Berlinian verdict of only being a rather yawn inducing place to celebrate. Therefore it’s no surprise, that those places are normally only going to obtain a tolerable grade  in terms of nightlife from the party loving hipsters we sadly happen to have become.
But believe it or not: there sometimes is a city able to even gain our appreciation for its unique and thrilling party scene. One of those examples is Tel Aviv, a small metropolis caught in between the crossfire of the decades lasting Gaza conflict. This city ? endorsed not only by local Israelis as the region’s party capital ? has endured the ongoing war for such a long time, today’s youth can’t even remember a day without the sound of the far away explosions, which almost seem to have become a symbol for the place. And of course, as an European accustomed to peace in the city you chose to spend a night in, it might seem rather strange to party in a place so near a military conflict. But as you happen to visit, the distant explosions and the gun fire seem to merge with the just as present basses of the nearby internationally acclaimed Techno clubs.
Welcome to Tel Aviv.