When the fresh spring breeze begins to blow over the sea, heralding the approach of summer, we’ll need comfortable clothing to counter the drafts. Luckily, we have AG, whose initials stand for Adriano Goldschmied, a label that enables us to remain well dressed with a denim look over the warm seasons.

In a chic, cultured and classic style, the label has long established itself as a versatile brand in the denim industry. With its motto being “Chic, Sophisticated, Classic”, AG reaches for the stars while ensuring sustainable production processes; the label also works with charities that aim to improve worldwide access to clean and potable drinking water.

Speaking of aqua vitae, the Spring Collection 2015 devotes itself entirely to just that. AG creates a down-to-earth, safe and stylish classic collection, perfect for the thrilling sailing trip. The firm denim jacket, both available in a design for him and her, protects against the fresh sea breeze, and so do the soft and warmth-retaining light gray sweatshirts. The Denim Look remains dominant thanks to the wonderfully body-fitting jeans which the label has perfected over years of work. In addition to a cultivated chic style, jeans can also be found in a trendy distressed look.

Supplementary to the denim and bright shades of gray, there is also a light white shade to be found, e.g. on a comfortable jacket for mild spring days. We also see it on tight-fitting pants and light blouses which enable us to shine together with the warm sun.

“Chic, Sophisticated, Classic”. With AG and its perfect materials, we can stay down-to-earth and light-footed throughout the warm months of the year. Let’s head down to the sea!

Copyright and source: http://www.agjeans.com/