Today, I’m presenting you the fashion brand which was founded by Jannie and Lars Schacksen in our neighbor country Denmark. Just like the other labels which I presented to you in the last week, it introduced its coming fall and winter collection 2015/2016 on the Panorama Berlin to the fashion world. The look which marks this label is defined by glamour and a big helping of Rock ‘n’Roll.

The coming summer you can see NÜ in glamorous and glistening robes, because the spring and summer collection 2015 is defined by one particular feature in the first place: sequins. Whether they are applied to the clothing in large areas or form beautiful ornamental details, sequins are capable of transforming any outfit into an expression of glamour. A white t-shirt with cut-outs on the shoulders is even decorated by different types of sequins, which form a V on the front side, paired with additional applications. A chiffon jacket which caught our attention is adorned with round sequins on the entire sleeve, shoulder and lapel part, elevating it and bestowing it with a noble character. When to decoration, the brand seems to be willing to go extra miles. Decorative seams, zips, studs and patches and even intentionally placed runs in stockings are furthermore adorned with the shiny little particles. One outfit made of a black and white pair of batik pants, a silvery sequin top and a grey biker jacket with sewn-on decorative panels perfectly embodies the style of NÜ.

The overall image of the collection is dominated by cool grey and silver shades and by beige nuances in combination with golden accentuations. This results in a style which appears relaxed, cool and yet stylish. Who loves feminine rock ’n’ roll looks will probably also fall in love with NÜ

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