Irene Luft presents her collections at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin  on a regular base and thus quickly became a crowd pleaser with her beautiful shows. Her incredible couture robes succeed in drawing the audience under their spell year after year. The designer was born in Kazakhstan – but she was trained to become a couturier in Germany. Irene Luft and fashion – her name seems to be inseparably connected to this phenomenon.

Based in Munich, Irene Luft unites luxurious ready-to-wear fashion with handmade couture dresses which both bear the name “Irene Luft”. The latter category particularly causes turmoil in the fashion world because the gorgeous dresses which are embellished with countless details are unprecedentedly divine. Just in time for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in January, these robes are presented to the fashion-hungry crowd. In the summer 2014, Irene Luft paid Berlin a visit as well to present her summer collection 2015.

I have seldom laid eyes upon a line as feminine as this. Lace, transparent fabrics and tulle are shaped into delicate and light dresses with utmost care and love. The floor-length robes barely cover the skin of the wearer. Black and white lace seduces the beholder into locking their eyes on the mannequin’s body which is sparsely covered by the thin fabric. The dresses seem very fragile and feminine for thirs very reason. Tulle trains and ruffles let the mannequins appear like fairies.

Grace has been woven into each square millimeter of every single dress, which is turned into a real artwork with an individual design. Floral motifs accompany the wearer through the entire season and have been incorporated into lace fabrics and embroideries. The dresses’ sensuality is further emphasized by low-cut backs and delicate necklines. The dream dresses are available in black, white or off-white and are able to seduce anyone who dares a glance at these beauties.

Bild- und Informationsquelle:http://www.ireneluft.com