Ksenia Kisteneva is a newcomer on the market, but she is not unknown in the fashion world. The designer has already done an internship at Mary Katrantzou and Alexander McQueen. Also her vibrant life, consisting of jetting between Europe and Russia, turns her into an experienced woman.

Nevertheless, her collection focuses on the contrary. Its name is “Lost Childhood” and catches the topic about growing up children. Ksenia Kisteneva looked into their desire of becoming adults as fast as they can.

She observed how children like to cover themselves in their parents’ clothes to be part of the world of adults. In order to demonstrate this character she mainly adds casual clothing into the collection. She also combines the styles with the typical Peter Pan collar to show that even grown up girls still have a childlike character in them.

Her collection is kept in antique pink and blue, and includes flowing garments. A long, wide dress, a short skirt with straps, a blouse with long cufflinks, the Peter Pan collar and wide high-waisted pants demonstrate a romantic image. One of the skirts which is embellished with a bunch of flowers, shows the influences coming from her internships she did.

Ksenia Kisteneva is a young designer. Her designs are very romantic and seem to be sheltered as the subject of the collection. It’s especially the antique pink which lets us debauch in old memories.

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