“We don´t need no education”. This is indeed a fitting description for the summer collection by Olympia Le-Tan, who re-invents the cliché of the schoolgirl in a ready-to-wear line with breathtaking results. The classical school uniform forms the basis of the entire collection, and is restyled with much love in an ever-surprising manner. What you get is a series of entirely different outfits that present the modern women sensually and seductively.

Without any ifs or buts, Olympia Le-Tan has submerged herself into the history of schoolgirls and emerged with a bravely, daringly and uncompromisingly unconventional outcome that does not shy away from exhibiting its youthful and seductive charms. The collection ranges from girly, pink designs with an innocent country-flair to a wild disco-look with colour-block-effects.

All her outfits have one thing in common: they bare much of one’s legs, be it the miniskirt, the mini-dress or the 60’s shirts. The wild combinations with the tops show us that nothing stands in the way of creativity. The outfit can then be rounded up with a box jacket, a puff-sleeved blazer, an army jacket, a blouse or a flirty coat. With their exciting colour and pattern combinations, these outfits provides for a long-lasting presence in the minds of onlookers.

Last but not least, the college jacket has also undergone a trendy reinterpretation, for example with single or double button borders. They round off the look with a bittersweet taste!

Copyright and source: http://www.olympialetan.com