For many decades, Aleksander R. Dentski has been brainstorming upon means of improving the life of the hard-working class. He had the idea of replacing ragged uniforms with new, functional and stylistic clothing. He also wanted to give the working class the opportunity to look fresh despite their strenuous jobs, and thus emerged the brand, Dstrezzed, which until today embodies luxurious vintage.

The identity of the brand is composed of two things: simplicity and quality. The summer collection 2015 is an accumulation of classical elegance and elevated street wear. Through lovely patterns, classics are interpreted in a modern way. The collection mixes traditional menswear-pieces with youthful statement-pieces, resulting in a refined mix n’ match look.

Both the shirt and sakko combination, as well as the sweatshirt and bomber jacket combination, thus find their way into the wardrobe of the self-confident man. Through the various possibilities of such combinations, both sporty and elegant outfits can be created. Several pieces contain both of these identities in themselves and are thus especially refined. An example would be the olive-green quilted jacket, which acquires extra sportiness through its grey hood.

At the heart of the summer collection stands a pair of shorts, available in various colours. Monochromatic models are lined up opposite patterned ones, and my favourite is certainly the coral-coloured pair. Want more? Then visit the Premium Messe in Berlin in July!

Copyright and source: http://www.dstrezzed.com