Even Hallhuber and their winter collection have oriented themselves towards the current boho trend, which has come out on top rather spectacularly this year. Womenswear has set it sights on this trendy look which exudes lightness and stylishness. With the oriental-inspired creations that have been integrated into their new winter collections, Hallhuber leads the way!

Effective patterns and modern cuts inspired by a classic look guarantee a boho character. Nevertheless, it’s still pastel shades that form the basis of the collection. This includes colours such as beige and powder blue, which are this season’s most beautiful shades. Combinations play a major role, and you’ll see that monochromatic and elegant pastel creations are often being mixed with patterned pieces. This cozy line brings a second wind to your wardrobe with its jackets and dresses.

Visible seams add a fresh touch to modern business attire. Printed shorts and a matching oversize jacket are welcome in the office as well as places of leisure. Here, upscale chic meets sophisticated streetwear, resulting in a new equilibrium of symbiosis. With the help of outstanding prints, Hallhuber brings us the freshness that makes their fashion so exceptionally youthful.

This is the stuff real showpieces are made of. The warm, cuddly and soft coat has already become a must-have of the winter season, and in addition to that, we have glamorous dresses that enrich the look of women while working double-time to forge the transition from day to night. This all-rounder collection awakes our memories of a trendy and fresh summer!

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