Banxiaoxue graced the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week with the presentation of the fall and winter collection in past March already. Founded in the year 2012, the brand is trying to depict the beauty of nature in its designs. Treating your environment with respect and care is the aspect positioned in the center of the label’s design philosophy. Furthermore, traditions are maintained and incorporated into the designs. The Chinese fashion house therefore often plays with an oriental look.

The topic fall and winter is interpreted by Banxiaoxue in a very unique way. On the one hand, the brand presents a fashionable, urban look which any hipster and fashion enthusiast would love. Defined by a sophisticated color concept consisting of black, red and white and casual cuts, this look will catch a lot of attention. On the other hand, the fashion of Banxiaoxue represents is supposed to remind us of the beauty of nature. Therefore, natural photorealistic motifs grace entire garments and turn them into real statement pieces.

The entire collection is marked by avant-garde design. Flowing fabrics dominate the overall image. Thus, the male and female models veil their bodies in wide, loose, flying gowns and beautiful long coats in the fall and winter season 2014/2015. In addition, a great diversity of fabrics including tulle but also leather awaits you. Transparent shirts are my personal favorite in the men’s assortment, while the women’s wear is characterized by angelic, white dresses. Ruffles and fringes complete the extraordinary overall package, attached to the garments in natural structures and patterns.


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