The fashion brand Chatty mixes, in the current summer collection, soft wavy lines with sharp edges. On top of that, elegant models meet the laxness of youth and publicises a new kind of sensuality. Here, everything is practically and wildly mixed together – but a clear pattern is visible with which you – the wearer – will stand in the foreground.

The collection features the two basic colours, black and white, which are accompanied by spring-shades such as pink and blue. On one hand are monochromatic pieces, on the other hand pieces decorated with water-colour-styled patterns. This has a particularly positive effect on the complete outfit and has the perfect shade which is neither too bold nor too reserved.

The line includes trousers, dresses, skirts and a variety of tops. The refined effect of the material overlay constantly appears and provides for uniqueness. Both the summer dress as well as the pants are thus a firework of design. Thanks to the exciting forms, simplicity can be disregarded – exclusivity stands here in the focus!

Radka Sirková und Anna Tušková founded Chatty in the year of 2005 in Prague and will be displaying their creations this year at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin which will be taking place in July. Among other things, the duo specialises in one-piece dresses and even the regular lines are restricted to a limited number.

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