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The experienced fashion designer Jitske Lundgren truly is in the prime of her youth. On the way to the climax of her career, she stopped over in Utrecht, Paris, Southampton and finished her master’s in the field of fashion and textile design at the Institute Francais de la Mode which by the way is the Parisian counterpart of the famous Central Saint Martins School. The young woman who loves travelling once met a man in one of her destinations in India who indeed revolutionized her views on the fashion industry. He was the reason why she changed her attitude and took a completely different path in life.

This man was a dyer. He was standing in a tub full of purple water the entire day to dye textiles. Due to the aggressive chemicals, the appearance of this man was changed forever. His skin, too, was purple. While we get the choice to take off our colored clothing, this man couldn’t choose to rid himself of his purple damaged skin anymore. This was the turning point when Jitske started seeing the fashion world from a far more critical perspective. But it was not only this man who changed her life, the experiences she gained at different labels influenced her unsatisfactory towards the fashion branch, too.

To cut a long story short: Studio Jux  was born. You probably have already guessed that the main principle of the eco-friendly and ethically correctly acting brand is intensively dealing with the treatment of the textiles and their dying. The naturalness of the cut too contributes to the extremely beautiful lightness of the collection for the spring and summer 2014. The partner ensembles for men and women look particularly charming. They are similar in terms of their style, but the designs don’t equal each other. In this way, a harmonious image of both sexes is created, while they don’t compete with each other.

The classic approach of fashion which is interpreted by Jux in a modern way really leaves a memorable impression. The combinations of the dark blue men’s suit which is considered very elegant and the boldly patterned sleeveless shirt, which appears extraordinarily revealing, are the best examples of this approach. We are looking forward to what Studio Jux will present to us at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin.

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