In my previous article, I introduced you to Ports 1961the label for stylish elegance that simultaneously possesses a coolness factor, creating an individual diversity in their series of women’s clothing. The same goes for their world of men’s fashion, where a new creation is awaiting us: the winter of 2015 still seems pretty far away, but this collection brings it within arm’s reach 🙂

Colour contrasts are again applied here very intensively, not only concentrating upon the opposites of black and white. Powerful shades such as red, yellow and blue place accents on a dark background. Due to the sharp lines and stark transitions, they are particularly outstanding, forming the focal point of a look that utilises all at the same time a military style, the classical business look and an urban, sporty style.

The different characteristics of man are thrown into a pot and stirred up thoroughly, producing easy-to-classify fashion pieces that nonetheless vary innovatively and surprisingly. Vests, pleated pants, coats and quilted jackets are represented by constantly and newly refreshed designs.

Ports 1961, für Sie, H/W 15/16 – Fashion News 2015

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