The first time I became aware of the designer Thakoon was when I was watching the film “The September issue”. The film focused on the September edition of the American Vogue and its editor Anna Wintour. After Thakoon Panichgul had achieved success with his collections, he was part of the film when he caught the attention of Wintour. From then on, she supported him and accompanied him on his blouse collection for the fashion retailer, Gap, and his first editorial at the Women’s Wear Daily.

After I watched the film, I immediately went on to research on this designer. And I was fully impressed by his achievements. With Michelle Obama as a fan of his fashion, he has the most powerful woman of the world behind him backing him up. As if that hasn’t already inspired him for his ever new, fantastic collections. I can only describe his style as luxurious, partly decadent and partly minimalism-inspired, classical feminine looks with highly modern twists.

Thakoon knows how to strike the golden balance and combine attributes such as deconstructed and clear lines harmonically. A semi-transparent, delicate maxi-dress with leaf print, a geometrically structured creation made of various brown, decadent furs and a combination of loose blouse and pants all point towards his incredible versatility. Thakoon Panichgul will definitely still bring delight in the coming years with his lines, for example at the Singapore Fashion Week.

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