This winter, fashion house HSE24 focuses on the needs of young, urban women who know exactly what they want! The collection includes several looks and colour schemes, making it supremely easy for you to come up with your new favorite outfit. Fashion-forward HSE24 has made an excellent choice with the color blue, and they’ve made it the underlying principle of their winter design. Here, nonchalance meets chic!

When the days get cold, we women tend to rely on classic cuts. However, we also become more eager to try out new colours and patterns. Bold shades and unique patterns can transform a plain outfit and its typically feminine silhouette into a sophisticated masterpiece. The ultimate aim is to create a feel-good look, resulting in fresh casual outfits that bring out the personality and body of the wearer.

Jeans or trousers have been combined with knitted tops. The blue-on-blue-design is simultaneously exciting and up-to-date. Designers rely on prints and patterns such as dots, stripes and stars to provide a capstone. The whole look is then rounded off by the blue color scheme of the winter jacket or matching accessories, which bring a much-desired glamour to the outfit.

Glamorous effects are also of major importance here. The jeans have been decorated with glitter details; the handbag has been replaced by a golden bag. Simple pumps form the connecting link between athleticism and nobility. Stay at the top of your game this winter!

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