This summer collection by designer Anja Gockel exudes a delicate and feminine air, but in a certain playful way. The fashion designer, with her ironic logo of a cock’s comb, drew inspiration from Pina Bausch for this collection. Bausch, a famous ballet director, has been a constant source of materials and inspiration for Gockel. The result? Garments that fully unfold themselves around the wearer. Fragile blossoms and buds float on a skin-coloured background, giving off the impression of the beginning of a constantly advancing progression. You feel like you are participating in an important development of events, with every piece representing a different phase.

Particularly fitting for the summer are the earlier “stages” of the collection. They stand out with a seemingly vulnerable delicateness, thanks to their reserved colours and delicate prints of chosen flower motifs. Light fabrics swing with every step, ensuring a lively and graceful dynamism. The wearer is embodied with a gentle lightness that possesses a feminine and exhilarating charm. This collection was made for women confident in their natural femininity and who wish to emphasize it with pride. If you count yourself amongst the ladies of this category, then Anja Gockel’s enchanting garments will be a great fit for you.

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