On some days, I simply have the urge for eccentric and experimental fashion. Barely anything is comparable to the joy that comes with admiring and putting on extravagant creations. And I am pretty certain many of you ladies can relate to this. Flowing dresses and skirts, luxurious fabrics or interesting materials that combine to wonderful pieces make my heart beat ever faster. And this is also the case with the current Vero Diaz Collection. The S/S 15 line bears the name of Romanzza just too aptly. The flowing female lines and the overall very feminine designs create a romantic look which seems to be inspired by a bygone era. For example, one of the yellow dresses inevitably reminds me of retro-fashion. With transparent PVC inserts, it is both ultra-modern and eccentric at the same time. I cannot help but imagine a combination of a white top and a black maxi-skirt with the same inserts. The everyday combination between feminine elegance and fascinating edginess has caught my attention immediately. Oh yes, it will be just a little while before I embark on my black-white trip. What I can say is, that one does not simply alter his taste in one day. But for this special day, the creations by Vero Diaz with her feminine extravagant and trendy style is perfect in every possible shade.

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