Born in the year 2002, the brand Finlay & Co.  is presenting modern eye wear within the frameworks of the London Fashion Week . Thanks to incomparable materials and a very individual sense for esthetics, the fashion label clearly stands out from the rest. Finlay & Co. is home in London, thus involving the British chic in each and every design. The materials are very extraordinary as well because the sun glasses are made of wood. Wood is experiencing a comeback right now, bestowing a timeless character upon the glasses by Finlay & Co.

Different types of wood are assembled together. The result: sun glasses which look graceful but are yet sturdy. Men as well as women can discover models which they can easily incorporate into any outfit.

On top, the lenses are tinted with dark colors. The interaction of the natural wood and the dark lenses represents a very harmonious contrast. In the summer collection 2015, a multitude of shapes is presented to you. The angular model never seems to get out of fashion. But our eyes were definitely locked on the extraordinary round maxi glasses whose wooden frames segue into a metallic construction.

The different wood types bestow different effects upon the glasses. Dark brown, almost black wood gives birth to an elegant touch. Bright wood on the other hand appears cheerful and gives the design a summery flair.

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