Chunk Clothing stands in the first place for graphical extravagance and convinces the fashion world with a self-designed graphics collection. Unfortunately, this collection only offers clothing for men. But at least the men’s world is enabled to let out his inner crazy fashion victim with these awesome street wear prints. Original motifs, sarcastic sayings, bold colors and the “Chunk Clothing DNA” determine the must-have pieces for everyone who thinks that fashion shouldn’t be taken all too seriously.

The graphics are printed on t-shirts, sweaters and tank tops which are turned into statement pieces in this way. Apart from topics like hip hop or party the brand even dares to pick up controversial issues like drugs. It seems as if Chunk Clothing is playing with these topics, creating prints which are provocative and therefore very impressive.

Daring and provocative sayings and pictures just point out one fact: This clothing isn’t made for everyone. This is fashion for those who know what they want. Marihuana leaves or space cookies, hip hop legends and much more form the base of the youthful street wear. For all Star Wars lovers, the brand has additional delicacies in store: a special clothing line which includes motifs of the popular trilogy.

The urban street wear by Chunk Clothing which shouldn’t be taken too seriously is conquering the streets of metropolises all around the world and it seems as if the alternative fashion scene already is already at the brand’s feet. Witty, provocative and innovative – in terms of prints there are barely any other labels which are able to hold a candle to Chunk Clothing. The individual designs can be admired live at the CIFF fashion fair in Copenhagen at the beginning of August!

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