Ivana Pilja  is one of the designers whose creations impress and last in one’s memory. The extravagant outfits that she designs, together with her futuristic style, have aroused the interest of several stars. Ellie Goulding, Lilly Allen and Dita von Teese are only some of the patrons who have discovered her exquisite pieces. Ivana introduces her collection at the fashion clash Maastricht and the Belgrade Fashion Week. And she is even represented at the 37th Belgrade Fashion Week from 20th to 29th April. She has a completely black, extravagant and avant-garde style. In her second collection in 2012, she continued her avant-garde style, nonetheless creating very colourfully patterned pieces. A striking feature of her style is the structural form of the creations. They transform the body of the wearer to an incredible extent and present to her a futuristic appearance. Ivana Pilja has been inspired by the intricacy of folded and draped designs by Japanese origami and cicadas. Her eye-catching and attention-grabbing creations are an ode to her passion for the Japanese culture. In them, she realises her creative visions and creates for her customers extravagant dreams from which one can hardly avert his eyes. See for yourselves if you like them!

Copyright and Source: http://www.belgradefashionweek.com/srpski/ , http://ivanapilja.com/index.php