Aquamarine and yellow. If there ever existed two colors that perfectly represent the feeling of summer, then these two shades would certainly be it. As a result, they have taken on this season’s role of the most important trendsetters and ultimate staples in the fashion world.

The soft, green-tinted blue of the first aquamarine color brings to mind water and the wide expanse of the ocean. No surprise here, when you think about the fact that its name was derived from Aqua Vitae, which is Latin for ‘water’. The second color is an omnipresent light yellow. Naturally the combination of the two gives rise to a fresh summer attire.

Aquamarine: a color that stimulates the senses

Out of all of the different shades of blue, aquamarine is probably the easiest on the eyes. It’s subtle, yet striking, and thanks to that it’s not a crime if you refuse to use it sparingly. For instance, pair a nice maxi skirt in aquamarine with a white linen top, and voila! You’ve found yourself a lightweight summer-inspired look. Another option is to outfit yourself solely in the color, for example with a little jumpsuit: that’s really easy, and quick too. Then, round off the look with a splash of golden jewelry and you’re done for the day! This beautiful teal shade is perfect for incorporating into dressy outfits. For the best shopping experience, I would suggest you keep an eye out for vouchers on websites such as They will be your guides in the ever-changing world of fashion.

Yellow: nothing else compares

Yellow is the color of summer. Period. The vast variety of yellow hues that summer brings to us just seals this deal. Ranging from a soft cream sorbet to a deep egg yolk yellow to a green-tinged yellow, the beautiful thing about this color is its versatility. You can mix and match the various hues of yellow, or you can choose to reach a whole new level by pairing it with trendy earthy or cool stone shades. The variety of different hues also guarantees that regardless of your complexion, you will be sure to find a yellow that complements your skin tone. So, I don’t want to hear any claims of “yellow doesn’t suit me!” – those are just excuses!

A combination for the brave at heart

It does seem daring at first, but believe me when I tell you that teal and yellow perfectly complement one other. This way you can also combine two of the currently most hyped trends in one sitting.

Why not try a short box-shaped top in aquamarine, in combination with a pencil skirt in a soft blue-toned yellow? The resulting elegance enables this outfit to be suitable even as business atire.

Egg yolk yellow is actually more of a fall trend color, but even now during the hot summer months it will sparkle and shine in the form of a dress. Then, go ahead and combine it with a Marsala colored cardigan! That’s how you successfully create an incredibly feminine warm look. There’s an unfathomable array of different possibilities to mix and match these two colors: summer fashion is finally colorful and diverse again!

Image: © Veronica Ferraro