On my daily tours through the world wide web I occasionally stumble upon some real gems, like this teaser.

It shows a future in which the humankind has colonialized outer space, where they have found a titanic species from which humans can acquire important raw materials. That’s how the hunt of those titans began, from then on it was: “Man vs. Leviathan”. Well, doesn’t that ring any bells? Moby Dick sends his greetings. The teaser alone is more impressive than any polar wind could ever be. And when it was time to hunt, you find yourself wishing for a harpoon to go on the hunt yourself – this is truly an epic teaser.

Unfortunately we do not have more information and details at hand besides that the script was written by “Jim Uhls”, who was also responsible for “Fight Club” – so make sure to be part of the journey!

Copyright and Source: windmilllane.com , heute.at